How to Make a Small Room Look Larger

Apartments can often have very small rooms that feel quite cramped and almost impossible to live in once you have moved furniture in. How do you deal with small apartment spaces? Simple: Change the way you set up the room! People who live in massive cities where space is at a minimum have been making the most of their small rooms for years. Here are some great tips on how to make a small room look larger and feel more spacious.

How to Make a Small Room Look Larger


While it may be great to have a bed, multiple chairs, side tables and a dresser in the room, you probably don’t have the space for it. If you try to cram too much furniture into a small space, chances are you’ll end up with a complicated maze of furniture and no floor space to actually stand on. So lose the chairs and side tables, and get a slightly smaller and sleeker bed. Search for specific small pieces of furniture that will properly fit the space and until you do, have nothing to fill the spot.


Shelves are a great accessory to a very small room, as you can install them on the wall and take numerous necessary items off the floor. Shelves can replace side tables and large shelves can even replace desks or house things that would need to be placed on desks. There are all sorts of different improvisational designs that can come with a few shelves in a small room: Feel free to use your imagination!

Lift Your Furniture in the Air

Here’s a unique idea for adding more space to a small room: Build up. Lift your bed up a few feet, creating storage under the bed that won’t affect your floor space. You can do the same thing with a couch or install bookshelves. Those living in cities have been doing this for years to gain more space, so it only makes sense that you should also do this with your own small room.

Install Mirrors 

Mirrors can make a small room look much bigger if placed in the correct areas and will certainly give the room the overall feel of being more spacious, which is much better for your piece of mind. Putting a mirror near or beside a window to reflect the views and light from outside is especially effective.

Add Prints and Paintings to the Walls

By adding prints and paintings to the walls of the room, it will look more complete and larger as a whole. One large painting will work much better than a number of small paintings, but this is also up to your own personal style when it comes to hanging items on the wall.

How do you make your small rooms feel larger?

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