How to Hide Wires with a Cord Organizer

Whether you use a commercial cord organizer or another creative way to hide wires, the effort results in a more pleasing computer desk area or entertainment center. Here’s how to hide wires using six different methods.

Wrap Wires in a Cord Organizer

Cords are simply wires wrapped up in a rubber sheath; you can take this to the next level by wrapping multiple cords in a single sheath for organizational purposes. Instead of a tangled mess, a cord organizer wraps several cords together without the sticky adhesive of electrical tape.

Use Cable Ties

Plastic zip ties and Velcro straps are viable options when organizing and hiding wires. Remember, though they’re cheap, zip ties must be cut to release a cord, and once cut the tie is useless. Velcro straps can be used again and again.

Organize Stored Cords

Have you ever gone to grab one cord from a drawer and discover it had wound itself around four or five other cords? Prevent this messy situation by organizing stored cords effectively.

For small cords, fold them up and secure a twist tie around them. For longer cords, and when no twist ties are available, wrap the last few inches of the cord around the bundle and pull the end through several cord loops for a secure finished product without ties. For heavy duty extension cords, wrap them up and insert the bundle into a toilet paper or paper towel tube.

Attach a Wire Basket

A long wire basket attached to the rear underside of your desk turns a messy workspace into a wire-free wonderland. Feed wires from every gadget and gismo sitting on your desk into the basket, which inconspicuously feeds out to the right or left side and exits in one neat bundle, especially if you zip-tie or wrap the cords in a sheath. Lead all the cords to a surge protector plugged into the wall off to the side of your desk.

Mount Gadgets to a Pegboard

Attach all the peripherals you never touch – the router, modem and external hard drive; even power adapters and the surge protecto – to a pegboard using wire cables or zip ties. Stow the entire board behind your desk facing the wall. This method clears your desk, organizes your peripherals and hides wires all in a single solution. Be sure to position certain cords toward the outside, such as the router and modem cables, to make resetting them easier.

Label Plugs

With the cords all wrapped up and hidden, how can you tell which plug belongs to which device? Simple: before you do any wrapping, zip-tying or Velcroing, label bread bag fasteners with the name of each device and attach the fasteners to the cord near the plug. You’ll never accidentally unplug the wrong device again.

Your desk and entertainment center don’t need to be a mess of wires with these cord organizer tips. Get started on the solutions that your situation best.

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