How to Deal with White Walls

At first thought, an apartment filled with white walls can be a little overwhelming. The space just screams empty. If you’re not into the minimalist look, you’re in luck. White walls are really just an excuse to get creative. It can be super simple (and cheap) to achieve a more homey feel just by adding a few things.

  • An accent wall: If it’s alright with your building manager, painting just one wall is a simple way to add a pop of color without undertaking all the work needed to paint your entire apartment. It’s also relatively easy to repaint later if you change your mind.
  • Temporary wallpaper: If you don’t want to deal with the mess and smell of painting, or want something that adds some upscale flair to your place, try temporary wallpaper. You can cover as much or as little as you want, and removal is much easier than actual wallpaper.
  • Wall decals: For something simpler, or even more creative, try applying a decal to a wall that’s just missing something. Geometric prints, silhouettes, or  sports logos can be easily stuck on to any smooth surface.
  • Textiles: Try hanging a brightly colored tapestry or re-purpose a sheer scarf. They’re easy to fold up and pack away if you like to switch up your room decor regularly.
  • DIY art: It’s cheap, original, and once it’s on the wall, it makes a great conversation piece. Check out our guide to making your own large-scale art.
  • Framed posters: A collection of art prints or vintage movie posters is a solid way to cover walls with your personality, and look less messy than paper taped up to a wall.
  • Shelving: The trick is to keep it organized. Bookcases or individual shelves are great if you have several knickknacks you've been meaning to take out of storage.
  • Mirrors: Just don’t go overboard on this one. Hang mirrors of different sizes or shapes above a couch, table, or bed to add some dimension to an otherwise flat-looking wall. Mirrors work in any room, and can help make a smaller space appear larger.

Did we forget something? Tell us how you spiced up your white-wall space in the comments.  

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