How to Create Space in Your Small Apartment

One of the things renters complain about most is not having enough space. Whether they need it to entertain, store things, or just move around easier, renters are always looking for more room. Unfortunately, apartment living is synonymous with small spaces. However, with a little ingenuity, you can fool your guests into thinking that your living space is bigger than it actually is.

Space in Small Apartments

Even though space is limited, you still have the means to create space in each room of your small apartment. Below are some tips to help you organize, brighten and create space in your small apartment.


Use a Focal Wall

Accent walls are usually hit or miss. While it’s a fun project to do, it’s difficult to execute correctly. First, look at the architecture of your apartment; that’s how you’ll choose which wall will be the focal point. If you have a bookshelf, fireplace, or other interesting feature, use that wall. If there aren't any fascinating architectural features in your apartment, just use the longest wall.

Paint the accent wall a different color than the rest of the walls. Ideally, it should be a color that pops. You could also add texture, or a pattern instead. Once you've done this, decorate according to your overall design theme.

Incorporate Stripes

Horizontal or vertical stripes go well with any type of design while breaking up space to create a roomier feel. You can use them as the backdrop for your accent wall, or incorporate them into décor with throw pillows, rugs, or lampshades.

You aren't limited to black and white, zebra-style stripes. You can use a subdued color combination, like beige and black, or use bright colors that contrast beautifully.

Add Light Colors and Contrast

Use colors wisely. Where you choose to use them is key in opening up your space. Light colors help to reflect natural light, while dark colors tend to make a room feel like a refuge. Thus, you should opt for lighter colors when painting a large, open living space. Airy blues, buttery whites, and light browns all help reflect natural light.

Use Natural Light

Natural light is the best way to open up a room. It not only brightens the room, but tricks the eye, making it appear larger. If you don’t have enough windows in your apartment, use mirrors to help bounce the light in different directions.


The most effective way to make your apartment look larger is to remove the excess clutter. Consider your storage options and make use of your wall space with floating shelves. If you don’t have the extra square footage for storing, invest in closet storage.

Turn your clutter drawer into an organized drawer with storage inserts. Consider buying multi-use furniture (ottomans, desks, etc.) that offers hideaway storage for when you have guests.

This is a guest post from Marie Ortiz, a part time staff writer for and a full time social media manager. She is a mother to two girls and enjoys doing home makeover projects with her whole family whenever she gets the chance.

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