Get Your Home Decor Hoppin' with Color Blocking: Four Fun Decorating Tips

You've seen it all over the fashion scene this season and now color blocking is moving from the runway to your home. This striking trend creates a modern, vibrant tone that will definitely upgrade your living space no matter how small. The best part? You can find your decor virtually anywhere because color blocking is all about how you put it all together. Check out these four fun and easy ways to take advantage of the colorblock trend in your own home this summer.

Color Blocking

1. Dynamic Dinner Decor

Who said your plates and napkins should always match perfectly? You can mix and match a palette of complementary colors to make your dinner decor stand out in an interesting new way. Martha Stewart suggests you choose three solid, complementary color shades like navy, turquoise, and lime. Buy a fabric sheet of each and use it to staple alternating colors of seat covers on your dining room chairs. Use the remaining fabric for to make stylish napkins and purchase similarly colored plates and cups. Stick with a basic white tablecloth to offset the design.

Color Blocking

2. Contrasting Pillows

A simple, modern art way to incorporate color blocking into your home is to accent couches, chairs and beds with contrasting solid colors. For example, if your living area has plain black couches, you can dress them up with a few bright red square pillows for an edgy new look. Or, you can spice up a mustard yellow bedspread with different-sized turquoise pillows.

3. Minimalist Wall Art

Colorblocking was likely inspired by minimalist art because both ideas are virtually one in the same. It can be something as simple as a red circle on a white canvas, or as complicated as a rainbow-striped canvas. Keep it simple and chic, and make sure to coordinate with other home decor accessories in the room. If you want to get creative and save a little money, you can easily paint your own minimalist wall art piece as well.

4. Statement Pieces

You'd be surprised how a statement piece can transform the entire look of a room. For example, you can dress up your living room with some teal curtains and a mint rug. Add some coordinating accessories like a lamp, foot stool, and pillows to bring the whole room together. Even something like a bright yellow chair can quickly add a splash of color to a dull setting.

The hardest part about colorblocking your home is just choosing a palette to start with. Once you've got a basic color scheme in mind, you can find simple, solid pieces basically everywhere you go. However, since colorblocking is such a popular trend, you can also find decorative pieces that will do a lot of the work for you. For example, colorblocked curtains can quickly make your living space a modern masterpiece, and the same decorating convenience comes with a colorblocked rug.

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