Dressing Up Your Windows (Without Losing the Deposit)

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DIY decorating is not just a trend anymore - it's a lifestyle for many! Tutorials and blogs that teach us how to recreate items for our homes help us stay within our decorating budget and to not overspend. Curtains and window treatments help bring together the look and feel of a room, and there are tons of DIY options to make your windows pop. We are sharing some renter-friendly ideas on how to dress windows that won’t make you lose your deposit.

Panel Screens

Fretwork panels like these can add a touch of elegance to any space. The intricate design of the metal or wood framing offers a look and feel of modern sophistication – and there’s no drilling involved to put it up. Simply lay a panel against a window for decoration as well as privacy. And there you have it, a beautifully dressed window without any structural damage.

Image: Elle Decor

Art on the Windows

Finding space on the wall to hang art can be a struggle if you’re an avid art collector or reside in a small apartment. Hanging art in the middle of your window is a unique way to have it on display, and it provides a cool effect from inside the home. Use Command strips to attach the art on the center pane or muntin (vertical strip of wood or metal that divides the window into panes.).

Image: Elle Decor

Compression Shades

It could be the Roman shades twin. However, compression shades don’t require a drill to install. There are many renter-friendly products that offer a drill-free solution to mounting flattering window treatments in your apartment.