Creating a Quiet Study Space in a Small Apartment


Where you study – and how – can greatly affect your learning. How much information you retain will improve your performance on an exam, resulting in better grades – which is why it’s important to make sure your study space is in a quiet area of your small apartment with minimal-to-no distractions.

Now that school will be back in session in just a few short weeks, it’s time to create a quiet study space where you can focus on academics. First, look around your home at areas that could be transformed into a study space. Is there a den with large, open windows? How about a fireplace alcove to use as a reading nook?

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When scoping out sections of your home, lighting is a key factor in effective studying. Sunlight is a great quality to have in a study space; it’s been confirmed to improve moods and keeping minds focused. If some rooms lack natural sunlight, pick the one with the best artificial light. A well-lit room will help you be more alert and focused. Be sure that whichever space you do ultimately decide on is away from distracting temptations like the television. TVs are a huge study distraction and before you know it, your eyes are glued to the screen instead of your textbook!

Your furniture can boost productivity. Every study space or office should have a desk and chair in it to help students focus on their study material. Beanbags and ottomans are great for casual reading. But get too comfy in them and you might doze off! An inspirational space can provide motivation – feel free to add a few pictures, a fun calendar and lamp to make your area pop!

Study Material Organizer

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How you organize your study area can increase studying effectiveness. When you have all the supplies and materials in reach, you’re better prepared and less likely to move about in search of things. Keep pens, pencils and scissors in a small cup atop the desk; while paper, rulers, tape, folders and other items can be kept in an organization box below or beside it. Remember, clutter is also a major distraction while studying. Always keep your area clean and organized, so you can give 100% to your academics. 

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