Bloomfield's Box Heart Gallery

Located in the Bloomfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Box Heart Gallery is a well known art gallery in the East End with continuously changing exhibits throughout the month featuring creative work from our local Pittsburgh artists. Box Heart Gallery is free and open to the public daily. There are unique pieces of art in all forms of media and art types available for viewing and purchasing. 

Box Heart Gallery is one of the most popular art galleries on the East End of Pittsburgh for those who are a fan of all types of art. The gallery is also a great place if you are looking to spend the afternoon perusing an art gallery without facing the hustle and bustle of a busy museum crowd. If you are an artists yourself or apart of the art community of Pittsburgh, Box Heart Gallery is also a fine place to meet others with similar artistic interests, as well as make contacts in the art industry and community.

Besides gallery viewing, Box Heart Gallery is also a great place if you are in search of something new to add to your home or wardrobe. Box Heart Gallery is home to painting, sculptures, other homemade home goods and décor, and even handmade jewelry. If you are in search of the perfect and unique gift for that someone special, this is also a perfect stop for shopping!

If you are from Pittsburgh or love this city of Pittsburgh, be sure to stop in at Box Heart Gallery and purchase something, whether it be large or small, to support your local, striving, talented and creative artists. If anything, it’s a great way to give back to the Pittsburgh art community.

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