Best Ways to Keep Your Apartment Safe

Everyone wants to live in a home that is safe and secure. In some apartment communities this can be more challenging, simply because of the many people who are living in close proximity of one another. Ultimately, keeping your apartment safe involves two sets of precautions. Preventing harm from inside your apartment, and preventing harm from outside. By being mindful of these things you can keep yourself and your family feeling safe and secure.

Ways to Stay Safe in Your Apartment

Here are some of the best ways to keep your apartment safe:

Inside Your Home

No matter what your neighbors are like, keeping your actual apartment safe is up to you. The first thing you can do is make sure your smoke detectors and CO detectors are working properly. Once that is done, you should monitor any electric appliances, from your curling iron to the blender to the television. We love our gadgets, but plugging too many things in a single circuit or overdoing extension cords can not only cause fuses to blow or other electric shocks, but the multiple cords may choke pets or small children. If there are outlets that aren't being used, cover them with safety plates. If you are cooking, be mindful of what is on the stove or in the oven.

Another thing you can do inside your apartment is store anything potentially dangerous in a safe way. This includes all cleaning chemicals, medications, candles, matches, lighters, knives, weapons, or bullets.If you have children teach them that these things are dangerous and off limits. If they are old enough to understand why, tell them that as well. If they violate the rules surrounding dangerous items be firm and follow through with consequences so they know that there is a real potential for harm.

Keeping Outside Dangers From Coming In

Even the best neighborhoods aren't completely safe, so it is important to be watchful outside your apartment building and take precautions to keep danger from entering your unit. When you are in your apartment, your door should be closed and locked. Dead bolts should also be used, especially at night. If you live in a security building, be sure to follow your building's policy not to let unknown persons into the building.If you have a sliding glass door, placing a broom handle in the track adds extra security beyond the regular lock on the door.

If possible, try and avoid being alone with people you don't know in stairwells and in elevators, and always stay alert. When lighting is not as good as it should be, use a flashlight to help guide you around the building. Young children should always be supervised, and older children should play with friends or siblings rather than going to play areas alone. Make sure to let them know how important it is to tell you if strangers try to talk to them.

Parking lots of apartment complexes should have as many lights as possible. If these are not working properly, notify your maintenance that they need to be replaced. Keep an ear out for suspicious or unruly behavior, and don't be afraid to call 911 if you see that something is wrong or feel that you are in danger.

How do you stay safe in your apartment?

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