Best Decorating Color Combos


One of the more fun parts of moving into a new home is decorating it! Even though you likely have a lot of stuff already, there’s a chance at starting fresh with new furniture and home accessories. A color scheme is an excellent place to start – but with so many options available, where do you begin? Here are a few foolproof options:

Black & White

This is a classic paint color combination that can make a statement in your apartment. In the living room, go for a black couch and coffee table with accented white-patterned throw pillows and an area rug. White furniture is also an option, but can start to look dirty really fast – so make sure you clean if fairly regularly. You could also add a couple of colorful pillows or a piece of artwork to make the space pop!

Brown & Beige

The more muted color combos look great in a bathroom or office area. Earth tones help create a relaxing environment and can be heightened with accents of green or navy blue. Best of all, brown rugs can easily hide signs of dirt.


Using different shades of the same color can really do wonders in a bathroom or bedroom. Pick out your various shades and apply them to different accessory pieces in the room. The ombre style is very cool and really gives the space character.

Red & Yellow

If you want to go bold, try it in the kitchen first. Bright colors work great in this room that also doubles as a social gathering spot in the home. A French-country kitchen or rustic (rooster-style) theme naturally blends these two colors into one well decorated room. Both themes can easily be found on kitchen towels, pot holders, plates and bowls.

Pink & Purple

This color combination will look stunning in a living room or bedroom – just be careful not to go too overboard – or it may look messy. Pink and purple pairs well together and looks best on subdued colors like black. 

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