10 Ways to Decorate a Small Apartment

Rental situations don’t leave much room for customizing major facets of your apartment. However, the following ten ideas can transform your small apartment from a haphazard home to an eye-catching refuge.

Decorate a Small Apartment

  1. Gallery display: Install two or three floating shelves on your living room wall and set some of your favorite decorations on them. Rotate the decor based on the season so you achieve different looks without punching more holes in your apartment walls.

  2. Floor coverings: If you can’t stand the flooring in your apartment, cover it with a large area rug. Incorporate decorations that tie in the color and pattern of the rug for a unified, finished look.

  3. Light: Lamps not only provide light to a room – making it appear larger by diminishing shadows – but lamps also add personalized decor to a space. Situate lamps in the corners of a room to lighten up dark areas. Pick lamps with bases and shades that add to the decor during the day, even though the lights aren’t turned on.

  4. Curtains: These useful decorating tools add a splash of color when you’re not allowed to paint the walls of your apartment. Use curtains to hide less-than-attractive storage areas, dress up a window, or divide a room into sections. Consider installing thick, opaque drapery far beyond a window’s frame to give the illusion of a much larger window.

  5. Wall decor: Another way to decorate walls when paint isn’t an option is to hang pictures or paste removable decals on the walls. Liven up a boring area with a montage of meaningful family pictures. Decals add interest around furniture and help you personalize the space with graphics that interest you.

  6. Furniture finishes: You might be left with nothing but hand-me-down furniture to decorate your apartment. However, with a little creativity, you can repaint or slip cover old furniture for an updated look without the expense of new furniture.

  7. Throw pillows: Nothing brings a seating area to life like brightly colored throw pillows. Change the look easily by swapping out slip covers for different seasons and holidays.

  8. Plants: As long as you maintain them properly, plants add a beautiful organic feel to your apartment. If you don’t have a green thumb, simply decorate with cut flowers in the spring and summer. For fall and winter, pine cones, holly branches and evergreen sprigs bring a bit of nature inside without looking out of place with the season.

  9. Color palette: Consider decorating your small apartment with light colors. This promotes an open, larger feel. Visually light furniture made of see-through materials adds to the illusion as well.

  10. Multitasking furniture: A coffee table with drawers, a hide-a-bed, and an ottoman with hidden storage provide a dual function without taking up more space. This is critical for small apartments that need to function well with limited space.

It’s easy to enjoy your small apartment with the proper decor. Implement as many of these ideas as possible for the look you’ve always wanted.

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