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3 Key Components to a Better User Experience on Your Website

We can all think of a time when we had a satisfying user experience. Whether it was an intuitive product, great customer service or an easy to navigate website that provided you exactly what you needed exactly the way you expected it to, these are all components of what a positive user experience is. According to User Experience Consulting Firm, Nielsen-Norman Group, User experience is defined as all the aspects of how people interact with a company, its services, and its products. In regards to user experience, the most important product a company has on the Internet is their website.

If your property depends on its website to drive qualified leads, then it’s crucial to maintain and constantly evolve your website’s user experience. Here are some simple ways to improve the user experience across your site to make a great first impression on potential new renters.


Content is king still remains. As your property evolves, so should the content about it..

  • Is your content organized and simple?
  • Are pages free of grammatical errors?
  • Is the messaging clear?

Content goes far beyond words. Content also includes all media you have on your site, so make sure that images and videos are updated on a quarterly basis to avoid looking outdated.


Put yourself in a potential renter’s shoes. You are looking for a new apartment home and you want all the key information.

  • Can you check availability and prices based on floorplans?
  • Where is the apartment community located?
  • Is the call to action clear and contact information easily found?

These are all important questions to consider when planning the user experience for your property's website. Next, make sure the user can go back if they get lost. From there, test all the site links to make sure none of them are broken. This can irritate even the calmest site visitor.


Sometimes being so close to the site prevents one from pointing out the obvious. It’s always a best practice to get an outside perspective. Next time someone contacts you or visits your property; make sure you get an email address so you can follow-up with a survey. There are plenty of free options for surveys out there, just remember to keep it short and ask the most important questions.

  • Ask them if the site was easy to use and where you can improve? Don’t be afraid of negative feedback, it will help you in the long run.

In addition to the above, always keep the goal at the forefront. You’re a property trying to drive more leads to your leasing office. Make sure all aspects of your site align to make that visitor want to reach out and contact your property. A good user experience can be the difference between an additional new renter and someone who will never visit your property or website again.

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