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  • Huntington, West Virginia

    Huntington, West Virginia has the best of urban lifestyle with the friendliness of a small town. Along with the fun urban environment, you can enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings within a short drive of the city center. The college town offers great restaurants, safe neighborhoods and fun activities that are perfect for college students, new professionals and young families.

    Finding Apartments for Rent in Huntington, WV

    The small urban environment of Huntington may suggest that rental options are limited, but with Marshall University in the city, it should be easy to find an apartment in a great neighborhood within your preferred price range.

    Near the college, you can find apartment complexes that will allow students, families and young professionals to rent a space. It is usually possible to find apartments that range from studio and one-bedroom spaces to options with two or more bedrooms based on your needs.

    Top Neighborhoods in Huntington, WV

    Finding a neighborhood that is appropriate for your goals and preferences may vary, but the most sought after neighborhoods are either close to the college or close to the center of the city, where it is easy to get to local attractions, events and activities.

    The neighborhood of Marshall U, which is also called 3rd Avenue, is the area that is closest to the college. In fact, the university sits in the middle of the neighborhood. The reason that the area is highly sought after is the close proximity to the university as well as the relatively low crime rate.

    If you do not want to live directly next to the university, City Center is another highly sought-out neighborhood. The neighborhood has a low crime rate and is directly in the middle of the city, so it is easy to access public transportation.

    Dining in Huntington, WV

    As a small city, Huntington has something to offer anyone in the way of restaurants and fine dining experiences. The city has everything from Indian food to seafood and classic American meals so that it is easy to find something appealing at any time of the year.

    If you want to experience an American dinner, then Savannah's may be the best place to eat out for the evening. You can get classic American dishes, like steak and crab cakes.

    When you are in the mood for an exotic and spicy meal, Nawab Indian Cuisine might be the perfect choice. The restaurant provides a variety of different authentically cooked Indian meals that you can enjoy with friends or family.

    Seafood is another area where you can find an excellent dining experience. Jewel City Seafood offers a variety of fish, shrimp and seafood dishes that are perfect when you want to have a taste of the sea during the middle of the winter.

    College Sports at Marshall University in Huntington, WV

    Marshall University is one of the premier colleges with a long history in the state of West Virginia. The college was originally founded in 1837 and the main campus is still located in Huntington. A variety of college sports are played at the university and fans from around the country can visit during games.

    Football is a particular favorite for visitors, fans and locals who enjoy watching college sports. During the football season, tickets are available for the games through the university. You can also watch baseball, basketball, swimming and a variety of other sports that are of personal interest at the college level.

    Local Attractions and Culture in Huntington, WV

    Whether you enjoy shopping, getting out in nature or even art, you can find something to do in Huntington. This small city has a little of everything, including an amusement park.

    The premier place to shop and enjoy out with friends and family is the Huntington Mall. The mall has many brand name shops and stores that allow you to purchase any clothing item, household purchase or even items that you need for a hobby within the same place.

    If your interests are more toward the artistic side, you can enjoy the Huntington Museum of Art. The museum features exhibits that change throughout the year, workshops where you can learn about different types of art styles and educational programs for children. You can also enjoy the events that are available at the museum.

    Slow down a bit during the spring and summer months by visiting The Ritter Park Rose Garden. The rose garden is part of The Greater Huntington Park and Recreation District. The garden contains 1000 plants and is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy during the summer.

    Families, university students or individuals who want a fast-paced and memorable summer can also enjoy Camden Park. The amusement park has more than 30 rides and attractions for visitors and locals to enjoy.

    Public Transportation in Huntington, WV

    Getting around Huntington does not mean that you must have a car. As an urban location, Huntington is part of the Tri-State Transit Authority. Even though the public transportation system goes beyond the state, it offers bus and paratransit options to residents and visitors in Huntington. You can use the bus system to get anywhere in the city and you can even travel beyond the city if you are planning to visit other areas that are also part of the transit system.

    As a college town, Huntington has something to offer visitors, residents and new students. Whether you have an interest in urban culture or your goals are geared toward education, you can find exactly what you are looking for in Huntington.

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