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  • Woonsocket, Rhode Island

    Finding Apartments for Rent in Woonsocket, RI

    Woonsocket has numerous choices for renters. You’ll find most options to be affordable, which is important for those on a tight budget.

    Since massive construction took place during its textile mill era, you’ll find tasteful apartments in buildings built between 1910 and the early 1920s. To create housing for textile workers, contractors also built many multifamily homes, now a source of affordable two and three bedroom (or more) apartments. At times these older multifamily apartments have 8-10 foot ceilings and interesting floor plans. Although these have a lot of “miles” on them, many have been well-maintained and include renovations, including kitchens and baths.

    If you’re more a “loft person,” you’ll also have some good options in historic former textile mill conversions. These lofts typically feature large windows, high ceilings and all the favorite features that create hard core loft fans, including many unique floor plans adapted by developers to conform to mill layouts.

    Neighborhoods in Woonsocket, RI

    Since Woonsocket was formerly a bustling industrial city, there are multiple small neighborhoods around the city center. Bordering the Blackstone River, a vital source of power in the early days of the predominance of the mills, there are neighborhoods of vastly diverse character.

    For example, just outside of city center, there are a couple of broad thoroughfares with massive, stately homes built for mill owners and executives, predominately Victorian architecture of the early decades of the 1900s. A short distance from this time capsule, even just a turn down one of the blocks, the character changes dramatically, composed of multi-family homes packed tightly together, many of which typically have apartments for rent.

    There also are a few more contemporary complexes, like Rock Ridge, featuring apartment homes. Like the mill conversion lofts, these complexes include club houses, fitness centers and media rooms. The more modern complexes also feature meticulous landscaping and pools.

    Dining in Woonsocket, RI

    Although Woonsocket remains first and foremost a city with a “working class” flavor, you’ll have some outstanding dining options. Most good choices are casual and budget friendly. 

    Trip Advisor diners rate YE Olde English Fish & Chips as number one, followed by the Plaza Mexico Bar & Grill, Patriot’s Diner and The Burrito Company. When you want a bit more structure and traditional dining the River Falls Restaurant & Lounge or Ciro’s Restaurant (which allegedly formerly was a brothel) may be perfect.

    If you prefer fabulous entertainment with your dining, you’ll appreciate Chan’s Egg Rolls and Jazz, often featuring some of the world’s best entertainers and groups. While the combination of Asian food and great jazz may seem odd, Chan’s is an institution for the quality of singers and musicians it attracts. Diners typically love the food or hate it, but all enjoy the quality of the guest entertainers.

    Sports in Woonsocket, RI

    It may be something in the water of the Blackstone River, but Woonsocket continues to produce outstanding athletes from within its borders. Its active youth sports programs influence its quality of athletes, particularly baseball players.

    From the legendary Hall of Famer Nap Lajoie to outstanding player and major league manager, Gabby Hartnett, and from the famous Dodger pitcher Clem Labine to the more recent budding superstar, whose career was cut short by illness, Rocco Baldelli, Woonsocket has a storied sports record.

    The city seems also to breed outstanding hockey players, as witnessed by icons Bryan Berard and Mathieu Schneider, former star defenseman for vaunted Montreal Canadians. Alumni of the historically strong high school program at Mount St. Charles, known throughout the country as one of the best high school/prep school hockey teams in New England and beyond, these are only two of the many college and professional hockey players produced by Woonsocket sports programs.

    Weather in Woonsocket, RI

    The weather in Woonsocket is similar to the rest of Rhode Island, except for the extreme coastal areas. Sometimes its a bit colder in the winter and hotter in the summer because of its relative proximity to Worcester, MA, noted for its winter cold and snow, combined with its summer heat.

    If you are a person, who loves four-season weather, seeing plenty of snow in the winter and getting out to bake in the summer, you'll love Woonsocket, RI. Away from the Atlantic Ocean (although nothing is too far in little RI), Woonsocket can be less humid than the coast, but no ocean wind will keep it cooler in the summer. You'll find average temperatures in the 80s during the middle of summer, regularly reaching the high 80s or low 90s.

    Fortunately, the average climate does not produce high amounts of snow or rain, with less than five inches of precipitation during every month. Those who come from places like Seattle, will enjoy the lack of constant precipitation and the prevalence of the sun, even in winter.

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    121 Rock Ridge Drive Woonsocket, RI 02895 (401) 257-7705

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    Rock Ridge is located in a quiet wooded neighborhood in Woonsocket. Rock Ridge will truly change your idea of apartment home living.

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    • 1 Beds
    • 1 Baths ID 2517149. 1 bhk apartment available for short term. Brick building insulated from the cold. Heat is included. 20 miles ride to downtown

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    • 1 Baths ID 816572. The Saphire Estate is a banquet facility that caters mostly to weddings. Next door is our guest building with 16 rooms with pri

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    Boardman St Westborough, MA 01581 (201) 845-7300


    • Studio
    • 1 Baths ID 2517059. We are centrally located in Westborough. Whether you are responsible in Boston, Worcester, NH, RI or CT, you are only 45 minut

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