Parentally-Challenged Twentysomethings To Compete for Independence in the Room To Move Contest
$10,000 grand prize awaits the most humorous and worthy entry.

  CHICAGO, February 17, 2004 - - is looking for the nation's most freedom-worthy twentysomething in the first annual Room To Move Contest. One lucky "adultescent" will get a new lease on life in the form of $10,000 and the chance to finally break free from their parent's home. Contest sponsor will provide access to a whole new world of roommate options - as well as $500 cash for two runner-up entries.

"Living with your parents as an adult has its challenges and idiosyncrasies" said Nikola Zurak, contest spokesperson. "Getting $10,000 from - and the independence that comes with it - can help make up for some pretty tricky social maneuvering."

To ensure the "pride" of the family doesn't sneak back into the house, HGTV designer Debbie Travis will be stepping in to revamp the newly vacated room and help give the winner's family the den, crafts room or workout area they've always wanted - and waited for.

Given that 18 million unmarried Americans aged 18 to 34 live with their families (Source: U.S. Census Bureau), contest organizers are bracing themselves for a flood of entries detailing the humor and exasperation associated with this living arrangement, including house rules, tight quarters and the aggravation of spending the best years of one's single life under parental dominion. will judge contest photos and essays on the level of creativity and humor describing the circumstances, the source of the predicament and how $10,000 fits into the entrant's plans for freedom. Those eager to declare their independence can enter the contest from February 16 to March 23 at Official rules, guidelines, facts and statistics can also be found on the contest Web site. For those interested in expediting the relocation process, offers access to its wide variety of apartments directly from the contest pages.

Along with millions of visual apartment listings and classifieds from more than 170 newspapers nationwide, offers users a "Fill Your Vacancy" service for listing single units for rent or sublet. Visitors looking for a roommate other than their parent can locate a better match at

***Editors' Note: Finalist B-roll footage and hi-res photos will be made available prior to finalist announcement on April 7.