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2007 releases

Survey Finds the Majority of Renters Will Get a �Clean Break� this Holiday Season

11/12/07 Awards $20,000 to Pin-Up Art Enthusiast

11/07/07 Provides Nationwide Apartment Rental Listings to AOL Real Estate

Survey Indicates Majority of Renters Do Not Carry Renters Insurance

Survey Indicates Renters are Passionate About Hobbies and Collecting

Three �Possession Obsessed� Renters Compete for $20,000 from

08/29/07 Survey Reveals Majority of Renters Have Lived With a Roommate

New and Study Reveals More Opportunities Opening for Workers Willing to Relocate

08/14/07 Seeks Renters´ "POSSESSION OBSESSIONS"

Renters Say Air Conditioning is the One Amenity They Can Not Live Without

07/05/07 Powers Nationwide Apartment Rental Listings on Yahoo!

Planning a Budget for Rent During Peak Moving Season

More than Sixty-Three Percent of Renters Recycle

Decorating on a Budget is Top Priority for Many Renters

More than Eighty-Four Percent of Surveyed Renters Own Pets

03/06/07 and Associated Cities Partnership Expands Exposure to Millions of Renters

02/20/07 Announces Launch of Apartment Living

02/12/07 Valentine�s Day Survey Reveals Renter Feelings about Dating Close to Home

01/23/07 Survey Reveals Eighty-Five Percent of Renters are Planning to Move in 2007 Presents 2007 Rental Outlook

01/09/07 Partnership Creates Nation’s First Ever GPS Apartment Search Application Accessible through Mobile Phones