Survey Finds the Majority of Renters Will Get a �Clean Break� this Holiday Season reveals the cleaning habits of renters

  (CHICAGO, IL) - November 27, 2007 With the holidays right around the corner, �tis the season for entertaining, house guests and visits from friends and family. As preparations for visitors begin, a recent survey reveals that most renters will not be troubled with a massive apartment cleaning this holiday season. Seventy-three percent of survey respondents state that their apartment is currently clean with nearly fifty-three percent participating in weekly cleaning activities. Nearly thirty-one percent of survey respondents report cleaning their apartments on a daily basis.

Survey respondents state that the top cleaning challenges are time (39%), lack of space (24%) and not knowing the best cleaning tips and tricks (10%). Having laundry close by helps with the household chores as more than seventy-five percent of renters have either in-unit washer and dryer or laundry services on-site within their apartment building or community. But there is little relief when it comes to cleaning the bathroom, with fifty-one percent of survey respondents ranking this most dreaded room to clean.

Most renters are solo when it comes to cleaning responsibilities as nearly seventy percent of survey respondents state that they clean their apartment by themselves. Only two percent enlist the help of professional cleaning services.
For those renters who go it alone, offers simple cleaning tips to keep an apartment sanitary while saving sanity:

  1. Make lists. Keeping a list of your cleaning chores, in priority order, helps keep you on track. Create a checklist and each time a chore is completed, mark it out in big red pen, it’s a small thing, but when the entire list is done, you’ll feel like you really accomplished something.
  2. Clean often. It is much easier to climb a hill than climb a mountain. Cleaning your apartment regularly isn’t the greatest thing to experience in life, but it is much easier to keep on top of it once a week rather than dealing with the mess that will build up over the course of a couple months.
  3. Start from the top down. Dust first, and then vacuum. There’s nothing more maddening than seeing your clean floor full of dust. Also, if you have area rugs, take them outside to shake them before you vacuum.
  4. Use the right kind of cleaners. It might sound basic, but using the right type of cleaners can save you time and money. Don’t use furniture cleaner on your windows and vice versa. Never mix cleaning solutions. Use a lint free cloth (not all paper towels are lint free) on windows and mirrors.
  5. Include cleaning supplies in your monthly budget. Set up a jar or bank to put your spare change. Cleaning supplies can add up to a substantial amount that isn’t usually figured into living expenses.
Renters can find additional cleaning resources, including unique housekeeping and repair tips and tricks, as well as advice for organizing small spaces, in the �Housekeeping� section of Apartment Living on (

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