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The Mayo 420 Building  
420 S. Main St.
Tulsa , OK 74103
$875 - $2462
1 - 2
1 - 2
(888) 656-5583


Luxurious Living in the heart of downtown Tulsa! The newly restored Mayo 420 Building is the perfect combination of historic charm and modern features. It offers a unique sense of community rarely found in downtown apartments. Residents have the opportunity to visit at the new YMCA on the ground floor, on the spectacular roof-top terrace, in the beautiful main lobby, or in the spacious community room with kitchen, bar and big-screen TV. Residents can conveniently walk to work, restaurants and shops. A private walkway connects the building to Main Park Plaza garage, making covered parking available and convenient.

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1 Bedroom $875 - $1357 1 Bath 630 - 1032



Unique Features:

Utilities Included:

Security Deposit:

2 Bedroom $1292 - $2462 2 Baths 1034 - 1980



Unique Features:

Utilities Included:

Security Deposit:

Features & Amenities

  • Air Conditioning
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer / Dryer
  • High Speed Internet Available
  • Storage Space(s)
  • Garage
  • Whirlpool(s)
  • Sauna(s)
  • Sundeck(s)
  • Clubhouse
  • Residents Lounge
  • Business Center
  • Vintage Building
  • Elevator
  • Package Receiving
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Free Weights
  • Discount at Nearby Club
  • Fitness Center
  • On-Site Management
  • On-Site Maintenance
  • Controlled Access


  • Parking Garage

Additional Information:

  • Private walkway to Main Park Plaza Garage. Contact American Parking for pricing information.

Pet Policies

  • Cats Allowed
  • Small Dogs Allowed
  • Large Dogs Allowed

Additional Information:

Two-pet maximum. 40-60 pound weight limit. 18" maximum.

Lease Length

  • Flexible

Property Information

  • BuildingType: Low-rise (5-10)
  • Number of Floors: 10
  • Number of Units: 67
  • Housing Type: Short Term Lease

Office Hours:

Weekdays: By Appointment, Saturday: By Appointment, Sunday: By Appointment

Management Company:

Wiggin Properties

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Ratings & Reviews

Rated 2 out of 5?by 1 reviewer.
Rated 2 out of 5?by Leasing agent gave us false promises! I am spending even more of my valuable time writing this so that someone else can avoid similar hassles & disappointments at the hands of Tracy, their leasing agent (?), title is "Marketing Assistant." My husband & I were downsizing, had our house on the market, and hoped to time the sale with a move to a downtown apt. We told this to leasing agent Tracy, as we viewed a 2-bed model apt with her on May 16. We loved the apartments, esp the location, so we sent our online application in that very night. Tracy had said (promise #1) that she would let us know when she rec'd it. After 48 hrs we emailed to ask, and she said she had. Tracy in her email then, also responded that she would let us know as soon as possible when any apt would become avail (promise #2), and said to let her know if we had any questions. That was my first of four email inquiries to her over a 5-wk period. Tracy responded to each, but never initiated an email as promised. Three weeks later, after not hearing from her, I sent another email on June 7 asking for specific 2-bed apts. She responded that demand for them had "dwindled down to just you guys" (implying there was a list with our names at the top) and that she had three coming avail in mid-late Aug. She gave apt #s, sq ft & rent prices - very helpful info, but what Tracy NEVER told us, in person or in response to any of my four emails, was that we would need to IMMEDIATELY MAKE A $400 DEPOSIT to hold any mentioned apartment, even if it wouldn't be avail for almost two months. Not once was this mentioned even tho I asked in every email, "Let us know if we need to do anything else." After that email I sent another two days later on June 9, saying how the apt on the top, 10th floor, sounded perfect for us, and I asked her several questions, my interest and excitement were clear. She responded, answering my specific questions, even my question of getting in the apt to measure for furniture fit - said "you will have to come and measure yourselves," implying that she was working with us (we were top of her list?) to rent it to us, again never mentioning the "Deposit" word...never telling us what we needed to do to hold said apt...this was/is supposed to be her job! Tracy also commented in her email response that this 10th floor apartment "is one of my favorites - has great views..." She mentioned it had twelve-foot ceilings, vs 10-ft in most others. So, many bonuses in this 'penthouse-like' apt, we were so anticipating it! This apt was still not going to be avail until mid-late Aug. And again she ended this email response with "please let me know if you have other questions." So we waited, yet again, to hear from her. While we were busy downsizing our large home in the suburbs, giving things away and putting our house on the market - we sold it to the first who viewed it, and set a closing for mid-Aug to coincide with apt avail - per Tracy. We were very busy working our two full-time jobs and selling our home, and assumed she was doing her job, on our behalf. We have not rented for years, so it was HER job to let us know what we needed to do next. Needless to say, after another two busy weeks for us, on June 22 I emailed Tracy yet again, asking when we could get into the 10th floor apt to measure and when we could begin moving in. I received the last and very short response from Tracy saying, "apt #10__ has been rented..... we have another new one that has come avail...I would be happy to schedule a time for you guys to see that unit..." And at the end there was no nicety, no offer as usual "if you have any questions", no "have a nice day," nothing. I think she knew what she had done. My husband I and I were extremely upset and disappointed that our dream apt had been leased out from under us, that we were now going to be virtually "homeless" in about a month and a half, and have to scramble looking for another rare rental possibility, time it perfectly, if we wanted to be downtown - all after trusting Tracy to do her job. Doesn't it seem like no one really does their job any more? Or they're under so much stress that they make idle promises? I shouldn't have assumed that I'd receive better treatment from what I thought would be a professional property management company. My husband then called Tracy the next day and she was practically rude to him, saying she told us in person "about the deposit." She accepted no responsibility for any miscommunications, or anything else. My husband and I are both working professionals, both in our mid-fifties and both intelligent and good listeners. Neither of us heard her say this in person and she DID NOT say this in any of her four email responses either. I went over her head and called Emily, VP of the property management group. It took several more days for her to return my requested calls. She was very insistent that Tracy knows and does her job and is very busy, etc, etc. She said she had no way to make this right, that there was nothing she could do, that we could accept another apt, etc. She offered no apology, no inducements, nothing. When she said that "This has never happened before," and that there was nothing she could do, I replied, "Oh yes there is. You can bet this has happened before, that others have just gone away quietly in disgust. You, Emily, could check in with Tracy to see if she is using any kind of a checklist with prospective tenants, is giving them any kind of paperwork (gave us nothing while there!), has any kind of written list/system for contacting/updating prospective tenants." In other words, do your job as well Emily! After this I called one more time and Tracy answered. We had a similar conversation, as my husband had had with her, in which she said that she "always tells every potential client about the deposit," and "the onus is on the tenant to make a deposit...," yeah, yeah, I know now, to do her job for her. Still she took no responsibility for not communicating with us. I even believe it is possible that she knowingly rented this to someone else (VIP, family, friend?) on purpose. But I doubt it, most likely just rented to the next person who walked in the door, due to her incompetence and lack of keeping her promises to those of us who've gone through the motions. Money talks, right? Of course I should have known this!! lol We hurriedly visited several other apartments complexes in these last two weeks, trying to avoid the dreaded short-term lease & putting all our stuff into Pods. Luckily we have rented a recent last-minute opening with another beautiful downtown apartment complex. I have to say that each of these places we visited had leasing agents/managers that answered all of our questions (even when we didn't ask about deposit, amazingly, THEY each told us!), and gave us paper information in hand - each and every one of them. So long story short - RENTER BEWARE!! The "onus" is on you! You must ask Tracy lots of questions, ask for pieces of paper with information on them while you are there, don't assume she will keep any promises, call her daily and most importantly just know, because she may not tell you, you must race down, and put down a DEPOSIT ASAP if you want to rent at Mayo 420 through her. Thanks for reading. I feel better now. I feel like it's definitely for the best that we'll live elsewhere, esp if Tracy would have been any part of our future life there. Best of luck! July 6, 2014
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