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  • Roswell, New Mexico

    Most of us know Roswell for the UFO culture surrounding it. Whether or not you "want to believe," the spacey vibe is definitely there in Roswell, where you'll see images of little green and gray men adorning shops and city streets. The city seal even features a little green man overlooking the town from the heavens. You don't need to be a lover of the pseudo-science of UFO sighting to live in Roswell, but it definitely helps.

    There is, of course, much, much more to Roswell than just the Roswell UFO Incident, where an unidentified object was found in pieces 75 miles outside of the city. From the great Southwestern cuisine to the beautiful scenery, Native American culture and natural history, Roswell rewards the curious.

    Finding Apartments for Rent in Roswell, NM

    You have quite a few options open to you when it comes to finding a place to stay in Roswell. Real estate in New Mexico is considerably less expensive than it is in the vast majority of the US. If you're looking to rent a small apartment or split the cost with roommates, you're going to be shocked at just how little you can get away with spending to set up in a great neighborhood in Roswell. 

    Top Neighborhoods in Roswell, NM

    Due to its spread-out nature, with under 50,000 people over an area of around 29 square miles, there are a lot of neighborhoods in Roswell, and not all of them are densely populated. Obviously, if you're looking for nightlife, great restaurants and a lot of fun, cool neighbors, you have Downtown Roswell, which is a little more packed, less spacious. But if you're after a quieter area, you have options like Mountain View, which is one of the pricier areas, but affords a pleasant, suburban lifestyle. City Center is pleasant and suburban, but with prices more in the middle class range.

    Cultural Attractions in Roswell, NM

    Beyond the Roswell Crash, the city really is rich with history and culture. You can't walk a mile in Roswell without stumbling onto a cool historical landmark or a great museum. Check out the Roswell Museum & Art Center, with art by Peter Hurd and Henriette Wyeth Hurd. There are a lot of exhibits here both permament and cycled in and out of the showrooms. Of course, if you are in the mood for UFO culture, check out the UFO Festival held every summer in Roswell.

    Transportation Options in Roswell, NM

    Roswell is definitely a driver's city. Route 66 culture is very big in New Mexico, perhaps moreso around Grants, Gallup and Albuquerque than in Roswell, but this is definitely the land of drive thru burger joints and expansive roadways. US Routes 70, 285 and 380 all run through the city, and your primary means of transportation is probably going to be by car or by bus. There are some walkable areas in Roswell, but by and large it's a car city. It's a lot easier to get to your favorite restaurants and hangouts if you're taking four wheels than going by foot. Everything in New Mexico is very spread out. For best results, consider investing in a monthly bus pass.

    Weather in Roswell, NM

    We think of the American desert that is the Southwest as being hot and dry. Dry is right, hot, not always. Being so close to the continental divide, New Mexico is frequently hit by freezing cold winters. The record high in Roswell is 114 F, but the record low is -24 F. You can even have seasons where temperatures peak around the 70's in the afternoon, and dip down to around 10 F at midnight. If you love weather in all its extremes, New Mexico is amazing, just don't expect it to be a 365 day summer vacation.

    Whether you're looking to stay for a month, a year or a lifetime, Roswell is really a beautiful city. The spacious layout lets blue skies shine through all year round, and whether you want to hit the bar scene or just spend a quiet afternoon on your porch, New Mexico will accommodate you.

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