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  • Los Lunas, New Mexico

    At less than a thousand people per square mile, Los Lunas is a city with some breathing room. Los Lunas has very nice upscale neighborhoods if that's what you're looking for, but the city is also quite friendly towards middle and working class individuals and families. The lower rents combined with the more spacious urban environment and the beautiful scenery of the American Southwest make Los Lunas one of the easiest cities in the country to live in. If you don't mind that the desert can be quite cold in the night and hot in the afternoon, Los Lunas may be the perfect place to plant your flag.

    Finding Apartments for Rent in Los Lunas, NM

    There are usually apartments available in Los Lunas in all price ranges. Whether you want to rent your own house, a luxury apartment, a studio, or share a two room place with a roommate, there are almost always going to be a number of apartment available for you. Check regularly, as you never know when that great one room spot on Main Street is going to open up.

    The Top Neighborhoods in Los Lunas, NM

    Due to its spread-out nature and smallish population, Los Lunas is not as cleanly separated into neighborhoods as many other cities in New Mexico. In fact, Los Lunas is not really considered a city or even a town, but an "incorporated village." This may bring to mind a singular, closed-off community that doesn't take to outsiders, but Los Lunas really does offer the whole urban experience, just on a smaller scale. If you're looking for a very nice, upscale neighborhood, you may want to look into Belen.

    Dining in Los Lunas, NM

    Southwestern cuisine is some of the best in the world. "Tex-Mex" combines the best of cooking from the Southern states with the food of Northern Mexico. TJ's New Mexican is a perfect example of what makes New Mexican cuisine so special, with a wide range of Mexican items with a Southwestern American twist. If you're in the mood for something a little more international, check out the restaurant with perhaps the most direct name in the world: Teriyaki Chicken in Foil, with a range of Asian and American delicacies.

    Weather in Los Lunas, NM

    The weather in Los Lunas can be quite agreeable, or quite fierce, depending on time of year and even time of day. It's not unusual to see, rain, snow and sunny skies all on a single day with peak temperatures around sixty degree. They say in Texas that if you don't like the weather, you can just wait five minutes for it to change. The same goes for New Mexico. In July, Los Lunas sees average highs of more than 90 F, and average lows in the sixty degree range, although nights can get much colder. These extremes are part of the enchantment of New Mexico, the ability to feel winter colds and summer heats in a span of 24 hours.

    Transportation Options in Los Lunas, NM

    Los Lunas is small, but spread out, so it's definitely a car town. Los Lunas hosts an ever-expanding network of buses, which may have reached to Santa Fe and Belen by the time you read this. Route 66 and car culture are big in New Mexico, and while getting across town may take a little longer than it would in a denser city, there's always a way to get wherever it is that you're going. The only downside to transportation in Los Lunas is that it's not much of a walking town unless you're hanging around downtown. The extreme heat and sparse, spacious city planning can make a trip to the grocery store an all day adventure if you don't carry some change for the bus.

    Los Lunas is a pleasant, smallish little town that offers a cozy respite from the world. With great food and great people, Los Lunas is perfect for renters who don't mind a little peace and quiet now and then, but don't quite want to jump right into the deep end of rural living.

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