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  • Swanzey, New Hampshire

    Swanzey, NH is a small town with fewer than 7,000 residents total. If you plan on moving here, be prepared to get to know your neighbors. Swanzey is peaceful, pleasant and cozy, a small town with big personality. If you hope to settle in here, you will need to be willing to get comfortable with the quiet life. Swanzey is not completely rural, but far from the urban hustle and bustle of the city.

    Finding an Apartment for Rent in Swanzey, NH

    Being a small town, there aren't quite as many options when it comes to apartments here as you will find elsewhere. There are no high rise apartment buildings and there are relatively few complexes. You may will wind up renting the second half of a duplex, or renting out a guest house that has been turned into an apartment. This is part of the quaint charm of Swanzey. It's a little cheaper to live out here than it is in the more dense, urban areas of New Hampshire, so finding something in your price range shouldn't be difficult. 

    If you want to enjoy small town living, Swanzey is a great place to be. This is one of the few towns left where you can really get to know your neighbors by name, where they remember your "usual" at the diner, and you can let your kids play outside without reservations.

    Top Neighborhoods in Swanzey, NH

    Swanzey is more or less divided into a city center, and the four villages of North, West, and East Swanzey, and Westport. This may sound like an exaggeration, but there are no bad neighborhoods in Swanzey. East Swanzey is a little quieter than the other villages, a little more spread out for those who would like to live the quiet country life. West Swanzey is a little pricier than some of the other villages, but still surprisingly affordable given national real estate prices.

    Cultural Attractions in Swanzey, NH

    Swanzey is small, but it's big on culture. A deep love for the history of the town is part of the Swanzey resident's character, and the Swanzey Historical Museum is run entirely on donations and volunteer work. The museum showcases the town's natural and cultural heritage, from how the land was formed to the history behind specific buildings and key figures in the town's lineage. Another great cultural attraction would be the West Swanzey Covered Bridge. Built in 1832 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the West Swanzey Covered Bridge is so picturesque that you could see it being used for an establishing shot in a movie to let us know that the film is set in a quaint, pleasant little community.

    Transportation Options in Swanzey, NH

    There are few towns as walkable as Swanzey. Although the total size of the town is around 45 square miles, the neighborhoods are packed densely enough that you don't need to get a bus pass to visit a friend and hit the grocery store on the same afternoon. That said, there are some times when you will need a set of wheels in order to get where you're going, and in such cases, the town is crossed by New Hampshire Route 10, Route 12, and Route 32, which makes longer travel quite easy. In short: you may want to invest in a car if you're going to live in Swanzey, but you won't need it most days.

    Weather in Swanzey, NH

    What can you say about Swanzey's beautiful New Hampshire weather? Although we see hot Summers and cold Winters in Swanzey, the weather is generally fairly predictable. Although January lows can get down to 0 F at night, daytime highs all year round average in the 70's F range. If you're going to move to New Hampshire, you need to really love all four seasons, but know that you're not going to be bundled up around the fireplace in Summer and wearing shorts in Winter. You know what to expect in Swanzey, the weather doesn't throw us a lot of curveballs.

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