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Rated 2.2 out of 5?by 6 reviewers.
Rated 2 out of 5?by Livin' In A Closet For Lots Of Money I am very disappointed in my place. I rented this place based on an emergency where I must move for work and my work paid the security deposit. The staff are amazing and have been very helpful but I was unfortunately led astray in believing that anything would be finished this year! The club room and the fitness room along with the mail room are phenomenal but everything else is completely mediocre or unfinished. I am sure they are doing everything in their powers to make sure things happen but unfortunately the hook has been placed and I was the sucker. I viewed a place that I really liked, it was just the right size. I told the lady I need to address my boss first but within 10 hours of calling back the lady had told me they already signed it over to someone else but they did have one with the exact rent amount and floor plan as the one I viewed, it was probably my fault but I jumped on that offer and was stuck in a corner unit that is continuously loud making whirling mechanical noises all through the night. The absolutely horrific and worst part about this unit is that it has absolutely no sunlight what-so-ever. It is dark 24/7 which means I need to keep my light on every single time I am in the place which means a larger electric bill! Plants? all dead. Pretty much the same as living in a giant, dark, closet. The person who showed me the unit assured me that the unit was exactly the same as the one I viewed before and since I own two trees and several plants, when I asked how many hours of light does it get she told me ?oh about 8 hours? a complete and flat lie I am regretting. I really don?t have a problem with the management, they have been amazing, but if the rent is increased next year I will move, it does not make sense for someone to pay to live in a closet! Either that or make them cheaper and inform the person ?hey this place doesn?t get any sunlight at all, the window is just for looks? Honestly the rent of these specific units should be considerably lower than the rents of similar units April 16, 2014
Rated 2 out of 5?by Awful Place - with Some Redeeming Qualities If I did not dislike carpet, and if I knew the staff here were fake and false, I would have rented a different place. Move-in began spring 2013. Amenities: Dog Porch: Doesn't Exist Dog Run: Doesn't exist. Told me it would be ready to go at the end of April and then I heard office staff talking to one another, saying it wouldn't open until August 2014 at the earliest. Bike Storage they said would be indoors: Doesn't Exist. Put up a make-shift place outdoors. Hah, hah. Inside Tenant Storage Rentals: doesn't exist Community Clubroom: doesn't exist Screening Room: doesn't exist Tanning Salon: doesn't exist Lap pool: they began telling new tenants (who toured recently) a lap pool was coming in. Whah? It's not on their website and none of this other stuff is finished. PE - Let's focus on the "bill of goods" you sold residents a year ago. Outdoor Fire Pit: doesn't exist Outdoor gourmet kitchen: doesn't exist Full-time concierge: doesn't exist, in any form of hours of the day. Wine cellar: doesn't exist 24-hour emergency maintenance: Unknown Massage room: Doesn't exist Dry cleaning: Doesn't exist Dog spa: Doesn't exist Package delivery: Doesn't exist Business Center: Doesn't exist; resident lounge only; but they are sure trying to include a tiny area of the resident lounge, and probably the "clubroom," and the "screening room" as one room even though they are all listed as separately amenities on the website. Further: there are problems with the in unit appliances (see other postings), the in unit air circulation (or lack thereof) and you'd be false to think you'll have air flow with windows because they barely open. Management has been really disrespectful answering our questions about contraction, safety problems, construction updates. There is no transparency and they direct you back to your lease when the lease clearly doesn't address the question. There level of callousness and evasiveness is breathtaking. And their ability to hide behind pearly, bright smiles and false promises to follow-up even more so. Positives: Maintenance is mostly good. But they often don't give a head's up that they are stopping by. Just b/c you say they can enter with their own key is not the same as saying they can enter without notice simply because you put in a work order. Neighbors care and I'm interested in joining the Tenant Association. Leasing office told me this group already existed, but turned out that wasn't true and now that they are forming I got news showing management isn't going to resolve or help with anything. Resident lounge and resident socials, which seemed like the chick pushing the resident group lit the fire under them to focus on that. Wait until this building is finished to move in; or at least once the Lunds and the Rail are actually operating. Their prices will stay reasonable since they can't fill units well. The people, like me, who loved the historic charm were already netted into renting. So buyer beware. Apartment Management are really sales staff, but they are to managing tenant needs as what HR at Blackwater is to managing employee needs. March 8, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5?by Resident Perspective So I am writing this review to not only share my experience but to inform others, because one of the biggest unknowns about choosing a new apartment is that you just don't know what you're getting into. The appeal for me when it came to the building was the history, layout of the floor plan, and the proximity to my work. These are the only three things I like so far after living here for a few months: Amenities: The washer and dryer are sold as High Efficiency, which much like the reviews above...are actually not. Although they may be labeled 'HE' these machines are terribly inefficient and incredibly cheap. We have a water damage panel on the side of the machine which is connected to a sensor on the floor, this I thought was a nice idea and a good safeguard against flooding. The problem is that before a wash will actually start, you must reach behind the washer to press a green button #I have no idea why#, even though I have already set the washer to Run. After about 15-20 minutes of washing, a loud chime will come on that after a minute or two turns to a loud beeping and will stay this way until you intervene. You must walk back over to the washing machine and press a white button #again no idea why#, to resolve this chime. The washer does not stop washing, it just beeps horribly until you press that white button. If you do not take your clothes out of the washer immediately after completion, they will smell of mold. I am not exaggerating with "immediately", honestly you must be there to remove them or you will have to wash them all over again. The above review related to the dryer is indeed true, a 60 minute cycle on 'High' heat will leave your clothes damp, and this requires another cycle immediately or your clothes will again smell of mold. The internet speed provided by Century Link at this location is significantly lower then my previous location in 55102. This can be resolved by paying more, but that's another cost to think about. You cannot get 'Dish Network' like they advertised because they do not even have a satellite on the roof or permission to do so yet. You can get Comcast digital cable, but I'd rather not have cable if that's my only choice #which I presently don't#. The parking ramp is an unattended facility, so if you pay for the 150 dollar a month underground contract parking and the gate is not functioning...good luck! You're parking on the roof. The 75 dollar a month spots are first come first serve and are rarely free below level 4. This ramp is the equivalent of elevated street parking with all the same dangers, it's not a controlled facility. Oh and lastly, there is a chime from the elevator that goes off every time the elevator reaches a floor. This echoes terribly through the building and can be heard within your apartment everyday. I feel bad for the people that live right next to the elevator. Construction is on-going and from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. expect to hear lots of noise. I could go on to explain all the issues in detail that I have but am just too tired to be frustrated anymore. There is: No Sundeck#s# No Clubhouse No Storage Spaces No Resident Lounge No Resident Center #yet# coming 2014 apparently. No Guest Rooms No Concierge No House Sitting Service No entry to the building unless you physically go to the skyway level or street doors to let people in. The office staff is getting better after they fired one of the ladies, but almost every single promise made to me by the sales staff has fallen through. Seriously, the only thing that has gone right is that I am in the apartment I toured and agreed to rent. Even the 'Strip Club', one of the best restaurants in Saint Paul is refusing to move into this building, they are instead moving to another location in Lower town #good for them!!# To sum this review up, this property will be amazing but do not expect anything beyond 4 walls for a seriously hefty price tag within the next few years. January 3, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5?by Just moved in and loving it! My boyfriend and I just moved into the Pioneer Endicott apartments and we love it. The parking is attached to the building and we thought the $75 per month fee was less than comparable apartments downtown St. Paul (some were charging $105!) and one place had parking two blocks away, we thought this was our best value.. We also felt that the rent amount was reasonable as well, far below anything in Uptown and Minneapolis and less than the other brand new apartments in St. Paul. We also have a dog and taking her out when I'm in a hurry is a hassle so the pooch porch was a nice option for us. The fitness center just opened and the party room/business center I was told would be finished in November. We knew this going into the deal, but we loved the historical features of this building. There was nothing like it anywhere that we looked. When it is all finished, it will be spectacular. We'd recommend living here. The staff has been great to deal with all through the process. We are looking forward to our year here. Thank you. October 29, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5?by Sold a bill of goods Pioneer Endicott will impress you with a wide range of amenities that are unfinished and dates for completion that continue to change. Make sure you can justify the cost for the apartment you rent only--not the additional amenities you will be promised. October 8, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5?by Pioneer Endicott Apt Building Very, very nice units. However, it doesn't justify the pricing and all the extra charges. Way too pricey! September 12, 2013

Property Overview

For over a century, it's been one of St. Paul's most enduring downtown landmarks. Now, this elegantly renovated 16-story property has been re-imagined to meet the needs of today's renter — all while maintaining its cherished 19th Century charm.
Special Offer: Special $99 Deposit! Limited Time Offer. Don't miss out on this fabulous special. $99 deposit!! Stop in today for a tour! Prices, Specials & Availability subject to change. Print
Special Offer: Special $99 Deposit! Limited Time Offer. Don't miss out on this fabulous special. $99 deposit!! Stop in today for a tour! Prices, Specials & Availability subject to change. Print
      Utilities Included

        Unique Features
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          Name Rent Deposit Beds Baths Sq. Ft.
          Studio $865 - $1373 Varies Studio 1 366 - 706 Check Availability


          • Amenities
            • Features
                Unique Features
                • Utilities

                  1 Bedroom $927 - $2027 Varies 1 1 624 - 1547 Check Availability

                  1 Bedroom

                  • Amenities
                    • Features
                        Unique Features
                        • Utilities

                          • Amenities
                            • Features
                                Unique Features
                                • Utilities

                                  • Amenities
                                    • Features
                                        Unique Features
                                        • Utilities

                                          2 Bedroom $1568 - $3201 Varies 2 1 - 2 850 - 1740 Check Availability

                                          2 Bedroom

                                          • Amenities
                                            • Features
                                                Unique Features
                                                • Utilities

                                                  • Amenities
                                                    • Features
                                                        Unique Features
                                                        • Utilities

                                                          • Amenities
                                                            • Features
                                                                Unique Features
                                                                • Utilities

                                                                  Property Details

                                                                  • Air Conditioning
                                                                  • Dishwasher
                                                                  • Washer / Dryer
                                                                  • Unfurnished Available
                                                                  • High Speed Internet Available
                                                                  • Storage Space(s)
                                                                  • Garage
                                                                  • Pool
                                                                  • Sundeck(s)
                                                                  • Clubhouse
                                                                  • Residents Lounge
                                                                  • Business Center
                                                                  • Guest Room(s)
                                                                  • Vintage Building
                                                                  • Elevator
                                                                  • Package Receiving
                                                                  • Wheelchair Access
                                                                  • Free Weights
                                                                  • Fitness Center: Free
                                                                  • On-Site Management
                                                                  • On-Site Maintenance
                                                                  • Concierge
                                                                  • Door Attendant
                                                                  • Controlled Access
                                                                  • House-Sitting Service
                                                                  • Pet Care Service
                                                                  Lease Length
                                                                  • 12 Months
                                                                  • Flexible
                                                                  Pets Allowed
                                                                  • Cats Allowed
                                                                  • Small Dogs Allowed
                                                                  • Large Dogs Allowed
                                                                  Pet Restrictions

                                                                  $300 deposit per pet. $150 is non-refundable. $25 monthly rent per pet. No weight or breed limit!

                                                                  Pet Questions? Call Toll Free: (763) 400-8111

                                                                  Available Parking
                                                                  • Parking Garage
                                                                  • Street Parking
                                                                  Additional Parking Information
                                                                  • Recommend the Jackson Ramp at 345 Jackson Street.
                                                                  • Parking Space Fee: $75.00 - $150.00
                                                                    • Greater St. Paul
                                                                    • Distance to Dry Cleaning: On-site
                                                                    • Distance to Laundromat: On-site
                                                                    • Train: Union Depot - Within Walking Distance
                                                                    • Bus: Union Depot - Within Walking Distance
                                                                    • Highway: 94, 35 - Less Than 5 Minute Drive
                                                                    Parks & Schools
                                                                    • Park: Mears, Rice
                                                                    Building Details
                                                                    • BuildingType: Apt. Community, Mid-rise (11-25)
                                                                    • Number of Floors: 16
                                                                    • Number of Units: 234
                                                                    • Housing Type: Short Term Lease, Unfurnished
                                                                    Office Hours
                                                                    • Weekdays: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM, Except Monday 09:00 AM-05:00 PM and Friday 9:00AM-6:00PM
                                                                    • Saturday: 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
                                                                    • Sunday: 12:00 PM - 04:00 PM

                                                                    Property and Management Company

                                                                    • P.E. Master Tenant, L.L.C.

                                                                    Local Resources

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