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  • Bloomington, Indiana

    Finding the perfect apartment can be difficult. Without knowledge of the area, interests, what types of apartment are for rent, and where to look, you search can end up taking months. With the correct information however, finding an apartment in a city like Bloomington, IN can be a piece of cake.

    Finding Apartments For Rent in Bloomington, IN

    This area is rife with tons of opportunities for people looking for apartments. There are virtually any type of apartment that you could ever imagine. With tons of apartments that are not only categorized by type and rent, you can find plenty of places to live in this area. Bloomington is a relatively old city so there are larger homes that have been converted, newer apartment complexes, and even homes that rent out portions of their space. This area is great for those that want tons of options but that may not have tons of money to go along with it. The most common type of apartment in this area are new construction complexes that have all the amenities at a reasonable price. This area is also perfect for younger renters that may not have tons of money when it comes to finding a place to live.

    Top Neighborhoods in Bloomington, IN

    There are tons of great neighborhoods in this area that have a combination of great schools, great shopping, and great location in general. The first place you may consider moving is the Brian Park area. This area is very friendly and has tons of opportunities for families. There are plenty of places to rent in this area and it is certainly family friendly.

    Another neighborhood you may try out is the Elm Heights neighborhood. The only draw back to this is that it is relatively close to Indiana University so there are tons of college kids looking for competitively priced apartments. That being said, this are is also very reasonably priced so it makes a great choice for those that are either single or that may not have tons of money to devote to rent each month.

    The last place you may want to look at is the Downtown area. This is best for those that want a great location that is very near all the sights and sounds of the city. This is also best for those that do not have a family as apartments down town tend to be a bit smaller than that are in the other parts of the city.

    Weather in Bloomington, IN

    This area is in the Midwest technically and as such it has a relatively mild climate. With winters that rarely dip into the negative digits and summers that are moderate even I the hottest months, this area is perfect for those that do not like extremes in either directions. This area is great for those that like temperate weather that is fairly constant. This area is not prone to things like tornadoes and large storms making it a great place to live overall. This area is perfect for just about any type of resident.

    Cultural Attractions in Bloomington, IN

    This area is also full of great attractions to visit. There are plenty of things to see but these three are the top. The first is of course the Elizabeth Sage Historic Costume Collection. This large amassing of costumes reflects a few different eras in the history of our great civilizations. With costumes from just about any time period you can imagine, this is a great site for children and adults alike as it will keep you guessing what you will see next. This is also a great way to spend the day learning a thing or two about how people dressed through the ages.

    Another great site is the Farmer House Museum, this converted farm house has tons of great information about the area and about the history of the area. This is a fun and exciting attraction for families of all types and ages and is a great way for families to spend the afternoon.

    The last place you may want to check out is the Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology. This is a fantastic way to spend your afternoon learning. This is a fully functional archaeology lab and is a great way to learn about what types of fossils abound in the area and a bit about what was in the area before people settled there.

    Transportation Options in Bloomington, IN

    This area has tons of public transit options including a bussing system. This city has an extensive metro bus route that functions both inside the city and in the suburbs around the city making it a great place for those that may not have a car of their own. This area is also very pleasant for those that want to walk or bike through the city to save time and gas. This city also has excellent public roadways for those that want to drive their own automobiles within the city.

    Bloomington is a great place to live and with a tool like you can find the place that is perfect for you. There are tons of rental opportunities and knowing just what to look for and where to look is the key to finding the perfect rental property. Bloomington has tons of apartments to rent and knowing just what to look for and what the area has to offer is the fastest and easiest way to get the apartment that you want quickly and easily.

    View Apartments in Bloomington, Indiana
  • 12 Photos
    2201 South Oakdale West Drive Bloomington, IN 47403 (888) 352-0973

    $399 - $1059

    • 2 - 4 Beds
    • 1 - 2 Baths

    Hidden Hills at Oakdale West offers two, three and four bedroom apartment homes along with a multitude of amenities!

    35 Photos
    1320 N Arlington Dr. Bloomington, IN 47404 (812) 671-0453

    $508 - $780

    • 1 - 3 Beds
    • 1 - 2 Baths

    Welcome to The Reserve at Chandler's Glen, an affordable apartment community located in Bloomington, IN.

    24 Photos
    1655 S. Oakdale Dr. Bloomington, IN 47403 (866) 916-0651

    $530 - $800

    • 1 - 4 Beds
    • 1 - 1.5 Baths

    Welcome to Oakdale Square Apartments.

    5 Photos Videos
    505 N. Walnut Street Bloomington, IN 47404 (812) 720-9151

    $530 - $1425

    • 1 - 4 Beds
    • 1 - 3 Baths

    Welcome home to Nextwave Apartment Homes!

    17 Photos
    3131 E. Goodnight Way Bloomington, IN 47401 (812) 558-0401

    $689 - $1019

    • 1 - 2 Beds
    • 1 - 2 Baths

    The Stratum at Indiana is the finest student housing facility in Bloomington, Indiana.

    11 Photos
    3008 Acadia Ct. Bloomington, IN 47401 (812) 269-3844

    $460 - $695

    • Studio - 2 Beds
    • 1 - 2 Baths

    Enjoy the quiet, relaxing living at Acadia Court Apartments.

    2 Photos
    3211 E. 10th St. Bloomington, IN 47408 (812) 269-3788

    $1225 - $2000

    • 3 - 5 Beds
    • 2.5 Baths

    Great Place near I.U's Campus on Bus Lines. Pergo,ceramic tile,granite counters. Has microwave/washer/dryer. A small personable property!

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