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  • Twin Falls, Idaho

    Finding Apartments for Rent in Twin Falls, ID

    Positioned in the southern part of the state, Twin Falls sits 130 miles from the capitol of Idaho on Interstate 84, and is often referred to as a tourist destination for its natural water feature, the Shoshone Falls. On a natural, everyday basis, the city runs on an agriculture industry as well as being one of the local centers for higher education with the College of Southern Idaho. The position of Twin Falls is practically center between Seattle, Washington and Denver Colorado. That also makes the town a stopping point for regular commerce movement between the two points.

    Twin Falls is a central point for 75,000 core residents and 250,000 regional area neighbors for medical services, shopping, primary and secondary education, and various services as well. The city itself counts 44,000 people as its own residents, but far more enter the area on a regular basis. This is a migration growth of 20 percent in the last decade through 2010.

    Top Neighborhoods in Twin Falls, ID

    The neighborhoods of Twin Falls are actually smaller towns in their own right, but they function as suburbs in the area to Twin Falls itself. These include the towns of Heyburn, Kimberly, Filer, Hansen, Hagerman, Wendell, Shoshone, Oakley, Hazelton, and Paul. They all embody small-town Idaho in a big rural country setting as well as farming communities, so it’s no wonder that Twin Falls is an aggregation of all the pieces in one central area. Many families have generations in the area, and originally moved into the region for land and a big area to call their own. 

    Outdoor Activities in Twin Falls, ID

    The area surrounding Twin Falls makes the city an ideal location for outdoor recreation lovers. Situated in the greater area of Magic Valley and adjacent to the Snake River Canyon, the town has access to multiple recreation activities not available everywhere else. These opportunities are enhanced by the fact that Twin Falls enjoys on average 200 clear days a year. Activities and outdoor sports include all the big nature entertainment factors such as:

    • Water rafting
    • General boating
    • Skiing
    • Hunting
    • Golf
    • Hiking
    • Fishing
    • Recreation and wilderness camping
    • Horseback riding
    • Mountain-biking

    Nightlife in Twin Falls, ID

    In terms of in-town entertainment, however, and particularly with nightlife, options are a bit limited. Twin Falls residents very much follow a small town approach with most evening choices associated with going to the movie theater, eating out at restaurants, or going to a bar.

    Twin Falls can be very attractive to young families looking for quiet neighborhoods and small-town industry as well as to seniors. Aside from higher education, 20-somethings might find the area a bit sleepy for their tastes, however. The area is a hubbub of agricultural industry activity and will remain a major stopping point for commerce through the region. As a result, many down-to-earth types like the city far more than other areas, and call it home due to the close-community feeling it's well-known for.

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    2005 Rivercrest Dr. Twin Falls, ID 83301 (866) 789-4047

    $690 - $930

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